January 26, 2024

The Dancing Moose Difference

Dancing Moose Montessori School

Dancing Moose Montessori is focused on overall program quality and a whole child approach, which includes attention to a child’s physical, social-emotional, and academic development. Our team has crafted and continues to refine a research-based program that best serves the needs of individual students and leads to their contribution to the community at large. We believe our program will lay a vital foundation to ensure that students leave not only with academic prowess, but confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills, and a love of learning. 

This private school stands out from other montessori schools because of our engaging academics. We have exceptional teachers and small student-to-teacher ratios in every classroom. These small ratios allow us to have goals suited to the child and their interests. Children are engaging with beautiful, hands-on curricular materials that bolster their critical thinking skills. 

Part of Dancing Moose’s whole child approach is to hone social and emotional skills. To do this, we emphasize peaceful collaboration and communication while maintaining a safe and stable environment for children to feel confident in every day. We promote character development that incorporates cultural appreciation, and we set intentional goals focused around the classroom community. 

Another part of the Dancing Moose difference is promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our school serves nutritious food prepared from scratch by an in-house chef, and we consult with a nutritionist on our menu. We have a daily gym class with a specialty instructor presenting a variety of lessons to enhance gross motor skills, such as dance, yoga, and martial arts. Music and dance is incorporated daily in class through several circle times. Our garden teacher supports a central focus on healthy eating through regular gardening lessons and avoiding outside sugar. 

Our school is very well known for its exceptional facilities. There is an emphasis on safety with a secured entrance and cameras in each classroom. Even more than security, Dancing Moose is a highly welcoming environment for our students. Natural sunlight shines throughout our entire school to make our building feel bright and happy. There are also purposeful materials accessible at child’s level to allow for student choice. The building is regularly maintained with cleanliness, order and beauty. 

Dancing Moose has an exceptionally caring school culture and encourages parent partnership. Ongoing collaboration between teachers, administration, and parents is regularly supported, with an emphasis on bolstering our amazing teachers. To maintain open communication with our parents, we supply them with daily updates and quarterly reports. Throughout the year, there are ongoing learning opportunities for parents and team members to help them succeed and make the most of Dancing Moose. Our school is highly sensitive to working parents, and provides scheduling options to help support them. We also have community focused awareness and service projects happening throughout each year.

Finally, one of Dancing Moose’s biggest factors that makes us stand out from other schools is that our institution is family founded. After many years of educating teachers at the college level, Dr. Joyce Sibbett felt a keen desire to open an early childhood school to create a positive impact on children during a critical developmental phase of life. Joyce’s husband, Mike, contributed his retirement to bring life to the dream that was Dancing Moose. Guided by their careers, Dr. Joyce had her heart in the quality of curriculum and teaching style while Mike focused on high standards for quality and top-notch security. Jennifer, their daughter, was the final piece to launching Dancing Moose. Jennifer focused on the curriculum and nurturing a collaborative, progressive culture with the team members. Jennifer’s husband, Russ, joined the team bringing his expertise in data analysis and customer experience to support the flourishing program. The Sibbett family continues to be very present and fully invested in all the operations of the school ensuring that Dancing Moose students, team members, and the school as a whole are progressing toward their fullest potential.

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Dancing Moose Montessori School

January 26, 2024


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