March 22, 2024

The Benefits of Positive Discipline

Dancing Moose Montessori School

By: Michelle Edvik, Educational Coach

As we celebrate Spring and all the flowers and warm days ahead, it makes me reflect on children’s natural ability to pick out and witness all the beauty in the world around them! We, at Dancing Moose, teach a Cosmic Curriculum. This simply means that we are all connected in this big, beautiful world! This interconnectedness with plants, animals, nature, and our community– gives our students a sense of awe and a newfound responsibility to learn and grow from the big universe around them.

This is also taught to our children as we introduce to them how their interactions affect and change the environment around them.

What a beautiful opportunity to showcase how kindness and service brighten others’ day! This is also a fantastic time to show how screaming in the grocery store made someone cover their ears. What we do affects others, and it’s a beautiful gift.

Along with helping our children see their place in the world, we create a sense of safety and security when we practice firm and kind boundaries, as taught by Dr. Jane Nelson, author of Positive Discipline.

Dr. Nelson teaches us that stability and safe boundaries help children feel safe and significant in their families and friendships.

What does this look like in your family time together? Here’s a few examples:

  • Your turn is coming. I can help you wait!
  • I know you can say that in a respectful way. Should we try again?
  • I care about you and will wait until we can both be respectful to continue this conversation.
  • I wouldn’t let anyone kick and hurt you, I won’t allow you to hurt your brother.
  • Act, don’t talk. (For example, quietly and calmly take the child by the hand and show him or her what needs to be done.)
  • We take care of each other in our family! How can we help our baby brother?

Another powerful parenting tool is to assess your feelings during behaviors to help you understand your child’s mistaken goal. Is he seeking attention? Power in his situation? Revenge after feeling angry? Or is he seeking a sense of belonging by showing some assumed inadequacy?

Feeling equipped in how to react to a behavior your child is showing gives you and your child courage in your abilities, and adds more space for joy and understanding in your family’s day. Don’t forget to let your child “overhear” you talking to someone about how amazing they are! Tell your partner or Grandma about how hard your child worked on something, and how proud you are! You’ll witness a smile or some incredible concentration as your child listens to your conversation.

Parenting is such a big job, it can easily feel like you’re out of your depth. This is why a community is so valuable! Dancing Moose provides a community of loving parents working alongside you as we work to raise caring, incredible children.

Happy Spring!

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March 22, 2024


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