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Six Reasons to Start Reading at a Young Age and Continue to Share with Young Readers

Six Reasons to Start Reading at a Young Age and Continue to Share with Young Readers By: Dr. Joyce Sibbet Reading to children helps them to become successful readers. Being consistent in reading daily is the foundation of helping children enjoy learning from reading....

The Role of Play in Montessori Education: Why It Matters

Within the Montessori framework, play is not merely a recess from learning but the essence of the educational journey. This exploration delves into the Montessori philosophy's heart, where play is a critical vehicle for development, learning, and discovery. Dancing...

Transitioning from Montessori Preschool to Elementary: What to Expect

The transition from Montessori preschool to elementary education marks a pivotal chapter in a child's educational journey. It's a period brimming with growth, discovery, and the expansion of horizons. Dancing Moose Montessori School, with its commitment to holistic...

Understanding the Montessori Curriculum: A Guide for Parents

The decision to embark on the Montessori educational path is akin to choosing a journey of discovery and growth for your child. This guide aims to illuminate the Montessori curriculum's landscape, offering insights into its foundational principles and the enriching...
The Benefits of Positive Discipline

The Benefits of Positive Discipline

By: Michelle Edvik, Educational Coach As we celebrate Spring and all the flowers and warm days ahead, it makes me reflect on children's natural ability to pick out and witness all the beauty in the world around them! We, at Dancing Moose, teach a Cosmic Curriculum....

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The Dancing Moose Difference

The Dancing Moose Difference

Dancing Moose Montessori is focused on overall program quality and a whole child approach, which includes attention to a child’s physical, social-emotional, and academic development. Our team has crafted and continues to refine a research-based program that best...

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