COVID-19 Response Plan

Working together to stay healthy

We are proud to be a part of a resilient community with supportive parents and team members. During this uncertain time we have implemented several new policies and practices to focus on our number one responsibility – the safety of our students.

This short video captures how our student’s experience may have changed in the past few months.

Coming to School Safely

The largest factor in minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread at Dancing Moose is making sure that anyone who may be infected remains at a safe distance. Dancing Moose has implemented several changes to limit exposure to our community.

Our safety measures include:

Custom App to track daily health of household individuals

When arriving at school the parent will complete a questionnaire about household members and their symptoms. This is especially important since children may not demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19 so other household members with symptoms is treated very seriously.

Drop-off and Pick-up Outside

Limiting the number of individuals entering the school helps reduce our overall risk. The check-in app alerts our team that a child needs to be picked up or dropped off to a parent outside of the building.

No-Touch Thermometers

Every individual that enters the school is asked to have their temperature taken to ensure they do not have a temperature over 100.3 degrees as that is a symptom of COVID-19.

Community Responsibility & Code of Conduct

Each household attending Dancing Moose signs a code of conduct that explains our expectations for safety measures and practices to help keep our community safe. Limiting the spread of COVID-19 relies on our community taking precautions individually for the well being of the group.

Classroom Sanctuary

Our goal is to make the classroom experience feel welcoming without compromising the safety of the children. Our classroom routines and set-up are mostly unchanged.  By adjusting our daily schedule we’ve dramatically reduced the risk of close interactions with individuals outside of their classroom and reducing the risk that comes with larger group exposure.

Class cohort

Children are kept with the same group of students through out the the entire day to reduce risk sharing germs between classes.

Shared Space Rotation

Time outside of the classroom in the gym, garden or playground is carefully planned to allow time for disinfecting between groups.

Changes to Snack and Lunch Time

Children eat snack and lunch in their classroom.  Safety protocols are in place such as washing hands prior to eating and teacher’s safely serving food to children to reduce any potential exposure.

A Comprehensive Cleaning Approach

The current situation has reinforced the importance of excellent hygiene and sanitation at our school. At Dancing Moose we are improving our safety through student lessons, new cleaning equipment, and staff accountability.

Meritech automatic Hand Washing stations

The importance of keeping hands clean is hard to overstate. All students must wash their hands when entering the school to ensure that all outside germs are removed. The Meritech automatic hand washing stations are a fun and efficient way to ensure that hands are thoroughly cleaned before entering the school and when leaving the school. Hand washing also occurs at each transition in the classroom throughout the day. Children receive regular lessons and reminders on correct hand washing principles.

Victory Fogger

Thorough disinfecting policies are critical in preventing the spread of germs.  Dancing Moose has invested in the same fogger machines used in commercial airplanes to improve their ability to keep all surfaces safe.

Enhanced Cleaning Checklists

Our staff understands their role in keeping our students safe and our facility clean. Comprehensive checklists help remove the uncertainty about what needs to be cleaned and when.

MERV 13 Air Filters

Dancing Moose has upgraded air filters to a level that typically used in hospital inpatient care areas and nursing facilities in an effort to keep our circulating air clean and free from contamination.

Ready to Continue Learning at Home if Required

We believe early childhood education makes a vital contribution to a child’s life experience. Our team has created an innovative home learning platform to help guide parents through the learning process with their child.

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