Dual Language Program

Spanish Dual Language Program

Child showing artwork to adult in a classroom.

Our dual language Spanish program is offered at all of our locations. For children in a full-time Preschool or Elementary classroom, this optional program can be a great addition to their academic experience. Children enrolled in a Spanish dual language classroom will participate in daily lessons in Spanish, practice speaking with their Spanish teacher and fellow students, and engage in hands-on activities to further develop their language skills.

Our Spanish classrooms also study the cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries. They dive deep into customs, dress, cuisine, holidays and other traditions.  Children also love learning music and dance from Spanish speaking countries.  They build a true appreciation for the diversity our beautiful world provides and learn how much we all have in common across different countries.


Chinese Dual Language Program

Our dual language Chinese program is offered at our River Park, South Jordan location. We have a preschool program for children ages 3-5 and an elementary program for children in kindergarten-2nd grade. Children enrolled in the Chinese program at Dancing Moose learn Chinese in many phases. They are exposed to it each day in their circle-time lessons when their Chinese teacher models the Chinese language, and children practice speaking in Chinese. Children also have some Montessori lessons presented in Chinese to provide hands-on practice with objects and numbers as represented in the Chinese language.

Our Chinese program also includes historical information to help children understand and articulate Chinese traditions. One of most fun activities is practicing and performing Chinese celebrations, which include costumes, songs, and dances. These activities help families and potential Chinese students see the fun and entertainment that comes through learning about a new language and traditions.


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