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How does Dancing Moose handle enrollment and waitlists?


FIRST: Dancing Moose offers enrollment in the following order of priority:

  1. Team Member Children
  2. Dancing Moose Students & Their Siblings
  3. Waitlist Children (having confirmed continued intent to enroll)    
  4. General Public 

SECOND: We consider applications by the order in which they are submitted. 

THIRD: We take considerations to create a balanced environment that will best meet the needs of a mixed aged classroom.

If a program has filled up, applicants are placed in waiting pools based on the time of application submission. Waiting pool assignments reflect our best estimate of likelihood to be offered enrollment between now & the end of the school year applied for:

Waiting Pool #1= Reasonable Chance

Waiting Pool #2= Possible Chance

Waiting Pool #3= Unlikely Chance

If a student is added to a waiting pool parents will be notified. If an opening becomes available for a child or if a child moves up from one waiting pool to another, parents will be notified. 

Where is my child on the waitlist?

We do not provide waitlist information over the phone. All inquiries regarding waitlist must be made via email with the Assistant Director to ensure the most effective and accurate information. If a child is eligible for an opening or if they have moved up from one waiting pool to the next the parent will be contacted. A child will never be moved down from one waiting pool to another. 

Please understand that we do not assign individual student waitlist numbers as enrollment is offered based on multiple factors (See top question: How does Dancing Moose handle enrollment and waitlists?) For this reason, and to best aid parents in planning, we communicate status by waiting pool numbers 1-3 which reflect our estimated likelihood that a child will gain enrollment.

Please reach out to the following if you have further questions:

Garden Campus, West Valley:  [email protected]

River Park Campus, South Jordan:  [email protected] 

Museum Campus, Lehi:  [email protected] 

How many children are in each waiting pool?

The size of each waiting pool depends on the location and program as different programs have different likelihood of new openings becoming available. A child is placed in a waiting pool in the order their application was received. Waiting pools represent our best estimate of a child’s likelihood to be offered enrollment between now & the end of the school year applied for. 

Each waiting pool is sized to fit the following criteria: 

Waiting Pool #1= Reasonable Chance of Enrollment

Waiting Pool #2= Possible Chance of Enrollment

Waiting Pool # 3= Unlikely Chance of Enrollment

Does waiting pool status guarantee a certain start date?

Waiting pool status does not guarantee that an opening will be offered in the school year. How long a child will be on our waitlist depends on a variety of factors. We do not have control of when and where new openings become available. This depends entirely on the families currently enrolled in the program and whether or not they may have a change in circumstances that causes them to move, change schedules, etc. 

Each year we have seen some students gain enrollment off of the waitlist. Certain programs, such as our Toddlers,  typically see less waitlist enrollment than others due to small program size and high demand. With that said, waitlists may also move quickly if an opening becomes available mid-year as some families are not prepared to make a change at that point.

Waiting pool assignments indicate our best estimate based on what we have seen historically. We hope that waiting pool assignments will help families to plan for their current needs  while they wait for their enrollment opportunity at Dancing Moose. We are eager to enroll new families and work diligently to communicate any news in this regard. 

If I’m on the waitlist, do I receive priority to enroll the following year?

Yes, we want to ensure waitlist tenure is reflected as we offer positions and begin the waitlist for subsequent school years. Each year that you are on our waiting list you progress to a higher likelihood of gaining enrollment.  Please note, you will only pay the application fee once per child. You will not be asked to pay any other fees until you have been offered a position in a classroom. 

As a waitlist family, how do I secure enrollment advantage for the next school year?

Waitlist families must follow instructions in an email they receive in December which includes a simple Google Form to indicate intent to enroll for the upcoming school year. This is done a month prior to Open Enrollment which begins in January.  This confirmation allows us to consider the waitlisted child for any remaining openings for the upcoming school year prior to offering them to the general public. Such openings are offered based on waitlist tenure from the current year and program preference.  The order Google Forms responses are received does not impact the waitlist order.  The original order based on application submission is maintained. 

**Please refer to the order of enrollment priority from the first question above.

Who is eligible to apply/be placed on a waitlist?

You may only apply to a program for which your child meets the age criteria during the duration of the school year. Students outside of this age range criteria cannot be considered for a waitlist. 


  • If your child will be 18 months old at any point during the August-June school year you are applying for, you ARE eligible to apply for the Toddler Program (18 mo.-3yrs.) and be placed on a waitlist. 
  • If your child will not be 18 months old until after the August-June school year listed on the application, you are NOT eligible to apply for the Toddler Program (18 mo.-3yrs.).
  • If your child turns 3 part way through the August-June school year listed on the application, you ARE eligible to apply for the Preschool Program’s waitlist (3-5yrs.). Your child may be considered for enrollment from this waitlist once they have turned 3 and have completed potty training.
  • If your child turns 5 by September 1st of the school year listed on the application you ARE eligible to apply for the Elementary Program (5+ yrs.).

How do I transfer to another location?

If you wish to transfer, a parent must request the transfer with the Assistant Director at their current location.  We require a student to finish the school year at their current location to minimize transitions and disruptions to the student and classroom.  However, there can be exceptions if a family has relocated or has a specific need to transfer.  

Families are not able to remain on the waitlist of a preferred location while they are actively enrolled at another location.  However, they will be able to apply to their preferred location when they re-enroll on the first day of Priority Enrollment to increase the likelihood of being accepted.

Can I be on more than one waitlist at a time?

Yes, you can be on up to 3 different program waitlists at each location.  If you are offered and accept a spot at a certain location, you will then be removed from the waitlists of all other locations.  You must wait for January  re-enrollment to transfer.  If you accepted enrollment in a less preferred program you may remain on your additional waitlists at the enrolled location for your more preferred program(s).

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