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Where We come from

Dancing Moose is a family business that was born from an educator’s dream. After many years of educating teachers at the college level, Dr. Joyce felt a keen desire to open an early childhood school to create a positive impact on children during a critical developmental phase of life.
Mike (Joyce’s husband), having recently retired from his position as a criminal judge, contributed his retirement to bring life to the dream that was Dancing Moose. Guided by their careers, Dr. Joyce had her heart in the quality of curriculum and teaching style while Mike focused on high standards for quality and top-notch security. Jennifer, their daughter, had recently completed her MBA and was the final piece to launching Dancing Moose. As Dancing Moose opened, Jennifer focused on the curriculum and nurturing a collaborative, progressive culture with the team members. Six years after opening, Jennifer’s husband Russ joined the team bringing his expertise in data analysis and customer experience to support the flourishing program.

The family continues to be very present and fully invested in all the operations of the school ensuring that Dancing Moose students, team members, and the school as a whole are progressing toward their fullest potential.

Where We Got Our Name

Where does the name Dancing Moose come from? The Sibbett family grew up in Park City where they were frequently visited by a family of moose. These moose represented the strong commitment to nature and beauty that are the roots of Dancing Moose. Two baby moose would often frolic in the backyard – sometimes bouncing a large beach ball to each other. Joyce imagined that a child watching these young moose may see them as dancing hence representing the commitment to seeing the world through a child’s lens. The mission of the school can be seen through the words “Dancing Moose” as teachers strive to educate the individual child while incorporating nature and healthy lifestyles into their lessons.

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