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Moose Boost Program

Moose Boost offers a series of extracurricular classes designed to “boost” your child’s experience!

Four times a year we offer a new assortment of exciting Moose Boost classes covering a variety of interesting topics such as: art, athletics, science, music, cooking, dance, drama, gardening, Lego construction and much more. There is no limit to the creative class ideas our Moose Boost teachers come up with!

Parents are invited to attend the final class of each session, giving you a chance to see what your child has been learning and get involved in the fun!

Sample Moose Boost Schedule

When is Moose Boost offered?
All Moose Boost classes are taught at Dancing Moose by our excellent staff between the hours of 3:45-5:30. Classes are offered throughout the year.

Each Moose Boost class you enroll your child in entails weekly participation in a 30 minute class where they will learn about the subject matter in a radical way.

How does my child get to and from Moose Boost class?
Children simply stay at school until their designated Moose Boost class time and Moose Boost teachers take care of getting them to and from their aftercare class with all the materials they need to participate in Moose Boost. (If your child is not scheduled for aftercare, accommodations can be made for them to join an aftercare class on the days that they have Moose Boost without additional fees).


We are currently offering dual language opportunities for ful time M-F students preschool aged and older. Our Lake Park location offers programs in Spanish and our River Park location offers programs in Spanish and Mandarin.

Children have flourished in their dual language classrooms that were initiated in the fall of 2011, and our upcoming academic year will continue full time Spanish and Mandarin Immersion as part of a Dual Language classrooms. Two teachers will alternate teaching core curriculum in each language, providing the perfect opportunity for children to excel in both languages as they learn from a teacher whose first language is English and a second teacher whose first language is Spanish or Mandarin.

Dual Language Academic Goals
The majority of children in the preschool and kindergarten dual language classroom speak English as a first language. The primary academic goal will be to support Kindergarten core objectives in English and supplement activities in Spanish or Mandarin on a daily basis. Children will work on class activities in both their second language and English; one teacher will speak in English and the other will speak primarily Spanish or Mandarin in the classroom; language arts and mathematics instructional materials will be available in both English and the second language.
Academic Research Supports the Dual Language Classroom
Dancing Moose is not introducing a new concept with its Dual Language classroom, but it is certainly taking advantage of the momentum of quality programs around the country that are capitalizing on children’s enhanced creativity and analytical thinking in a Dual Language program. Virginia P. Collier and Wayne P. Thomas, noted researchers in Dual Language programs, have documented that children exposed to a second language learn at a more rapid rate. Bilingual researcher Ellen Bialystok of York University in Toronto stated that “several studies have linked bilingualism to improved working memory, which is associated with reading and math skills.”

In research conducted at Nanjing University in China, bilingual seven-year-old children outperformed their monolingual peers on two working memory tests—one requiring them to recall and rearrange a series of numbers and the other to retrace a pattern of hops made my an animated frog on a computer screen. Researchers say that the best way to become proficient in a second language is to start young and practice often (Scientific American Mind, July/August, 2011)


Garden Director: Nichole Mathews

Community Gardens are growing in popularity across the nation. This new craze may be attributed to a number of unique advantages including the opportunity for community involvement and service, growing healthy, organic, delicious produce, and educating adults and children on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Dancing Moose children are delighted to see how seeds germinate and grow into plants. They enjoy watering plants and learning how they develop to produce beautiful fruits and vegetables. The best part of the process is the pure enjoyment that comes from eating the organic produce that promotes healthy growth and development. These are all reasons that the Dancing Moose Community Garden was organized, and it continues to delight children and their families as they participate in the plant growing process. This is one of the important aspects of the Dancing Moose commitment to children’s healthy lifestyles.

Registration Information:

For more information on how to join the Dancing Moose Community garden, please email Nichole at [email protected]. Plots are available to school families, employees and community members.

4 x 12 foot raised bed garden plot Garden Benefits include:

– soil
– irrigation
– water
– access to garden tools
– access to compost when available


Our schools are open all year with a regular school day that begins at 8:45 am and ends at 3:30 pm. Early morning and late afternoon extended care hours begin at 7:00 am and end at 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Breakfast is available for children who arrive before 7:45 am. Morning snack is served at 9:00 am, lunchtime varies from 11:30-12:30 pm, afternoon snack at 3:00 pm, and take-home snack from 3:30 to close.

In addition to regular after-school care, Moose Boost classes are available quarterly for an additional fee. These classes include a variety of topics in areas such as cooking, science, art, dance, and sports.

Summer Program

Our summer programs combine academic rigor with summer fun! Weekly themes include a wide variety of art projects, outdoor activities and special guests sure to make your child’s summer unforgettable!

We are open every summer; Please call you preferred location for available spots and curriculum information. Summer 2018 enrollment for the public begins on January 29th, 2018. A $75 application fee is due upon submission of forms and a $75 summer materials / commitment fee is required to hold your spot for summer upon acceptance to the summer program. The summer program runs from June 11, 2018 through August 15, 2018.

Example Summer Calendar (PDF)

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